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About The Product

The Personal Belongings Case has been designed by a Director of Nursing specifically to keep hearing aids, dentures and eye glasses in one easy to find central location. Our product is very affordable and when used correctly will greatly reduce the expense of replacing these items due to loss or damage.

The Personal Belongings Case is made from a high quality polypropylene latex free plastic which is extremely durable. The living hinges have been designed to be opened and closed approximately one million times without failure, demonstrating our commitment to quality.

The PBC holds an international patent and is proudly manufactured in the United States.


To be used by Long Term/Personal Care Facilities, Hospitals and Rehabilitation Units to help prevent loss and damage to hearing aids, dentures and eye glasses.


Convenient, and highly visible, the PBC allows easy access to personal items by staff, family members, residents and patients. Using the PBC decreases the risk of loss or damage by providing one central location for some of the most commonly lost and broken personal items in your facility. The PBC also provides staff accountability for the daily inventory of personal belongings.

Cost Savings

 Replacement of Personal Belongings; Dentures: $500.00 – $900.00 Trips to Audiologist, Dentist and Optometrist: $100.00 – $300.00 Hearing Aids: $2,000.00 – $4,000.00 Eye Glasses: $200.00 – $500.00 Eliminates cost of staff accompanying residents to out of facility appointments and eliminates ambulance transportation.


The PBC is 12 inches long, 4 inches wide and 3 inches high. It has curved hooks on the back which allow it to attach to various size beds. Each compartment lid is individually labeled in English and in Braille. All compartments are separate to prevent cross-contamination. The PBC is stackable for the convenience of storage at a Nursing Station. An area in the front has been designed to hold a resident or patient identifier which is used in LTC/PC and Hospitals.

What It Does

Prevents personal items from being lost and broken. Provides a highly visible and easily accessable storage container for patient and resident belongings. Items aren’t lost so there’s no need to spend thousands on replacements. Nursing hours can be spent more efficiently on patient and resident care, not wasted searching for lost items.


Designed by a Director of Nursing with over 15 years in Long Term Care, the PBC is Convenient, Accessible, Reliable, Cost Effective, Durable and Affordable. Used in Long Term Care Facilities and Hospitals across the Country, the PBC has saved thousands of dollars in lost revenue, while increasing resident and patient Quality Of Care. Your staff, residents and bottom line will all benefit from using the Personal Belongings Case.

Generating Profit For Your Facility

By saving the loss of just ONE pair of dentures, you can effectively INCREASE your bottom line by an average of $1,100.00 (average denture cost). Multiply that by the size of your facility and the amount of dentures alone that are lost and you can see the potential it has.