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  • Since we started using the Personal Belongings Case, we have noticed a dramatic decrease in lost items such as hearing aids and glasses and broken items such as dentures. I would recommend this product to all Nursing Homes. The cost of the case surely outweighs the cost of replacing dentures, hearing aids and glasses.
    Mary Lou L., NHA

  • The PBC allows our short and long term care patients to manage their own belongings. They feel more comfortable knowing that their watch or hearing aid is in a container next to them, and provides them one less thing to worry about so they can concentrate on their recovery.
    Nancy K. RN, ADON

  • Since our facility began using the Personal Belongings we have seen a decrease in the amount of dentures, eye glasses and hearing aids that have been broken or lost. I find them to be very affordable and made from quality material. I have found that this case pays for itself by the amount of revenue it saves. The revenue that used to be spent on replacing our resident's personal belongings can now be used in other parts of our facility.
    Mary Ann C., NHA