Portrait of doctor and two patientss.

Where It All Started

LaVonda L. Popish, RN, created the Personal Belongings Case during her tenure as the Director of Nursing at a long-term care facility near her home in Ringtown, Pennsylvania. The idea for the medical-grade briefcase came to her as she was planting flowers around her home. As she pulled the flowers out of the durable plastic cases in which they were sold, suddenly she realized that if she created something like those flower holders, it would help prevent the loss of patient belongings at her facility.

After 15 years of seeing her medical-grade briefcase in use throughout the country, LaVonda lost her life to cancer. Now, her legacy lives on in many ways — one is the Personal Belongings Case, manufactured in the United States of America. We at Medical Accessories Solutions work tirelessly to see LaVonda’s creation continue its growth by providing hospitals, long-term care, and other health care facilities with a cost-saving solution while protecting their patients’ personal belongings.

Patient Information & Our Policy to Keep Belongings Safe 

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Patient & Policy

Information for patients, and our policy for keeping belongings safe, secure, and out of harm’s way.